When one thinks of framing, the usual thought is art pieces for the home.  A substantial portion of our business is devoted to just that, however, we are more than just residential.  We have a tradition and the expertise of framing the most unusual items, primarily because we do so much work for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.  We have framed images from Bible stories and a very large Last Supper, all meticulously painted on spider webs! Memorabilia of all types, cross stitch work, concert tickets, photos and T-shirts, too!  We framed a piece that was presented to Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, and several pieces for the group Smash Mouth which were presented to them in Niagara Falls, Canada, during the opening of the new Wild Wolf Lodge.  Among others are Steve Colbert of the Colbert Report, Tom Green the comedian and Shaquille O’Neal, currently basketball player for Miami Heat. Our work gets around!

No job is too big.  Many corporate businesses have our framed work on their walls.  Come in and browse our catalogs for that commercial or residential framing project.  There are a limited number of framed items available for immediate sale.

Gift certificates available in any amount, make a unique gift.

Stop in and visit Framing of Central Florida! The helpful, professional staff will assist you choose framing to fit your exact needs.

As our motto indicates, “You name it, we frame it”.